Friday, 9 July 2010

How to enable debugging for Concurrent Managers

Sometimes concurrent managers debug information is requires to solve issues related with CM, for achieve this purpose we have to do the following

Steps for enable DIAG for the ICM
you have to modify script using vi editor

vi $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOSTNAME/
Replace line :
CONTEXT_PARAMS="diag=N wait=N"
With :
CONTEXT_PARAMS="diag=Y wait=N"
Save file.

Steps for enable the Debug Service

Login with System Administrator responsibility
Navigate to Concurrent / Manager /Define
Query manager with name "Debug Service"
Tick the "Enabled" checkbox if not yet ticked

Once completed these two steps, required to bounce the concurrent managers
cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/SID_HOSTNAME stop apps/password

wait for all your concurrent process to complete, you can monitor using
ps -ef|grep -i fndlibr

All CM process completed, start your CM start apps/password

Please don't forget to switch it off after the debug information has been generated.


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Anonymous said...


can you please let us know were i can find the debug_service log file