Saturday, 10 July 2010

How to change default layout of XML publisher concurrent request is always PDF

Suppose one required Excel outpout from an XML Publisher concurrent request, need to change from output format option button from Request form.

A list of the available Format Types on the Submit Request form:


Using this Submit Request form, the Layout field of the Upon Completion region displays the currently selected template. To change the template, template language, or output format select the Options button.
If you are using the HTML-based Schedule Request interface, select the template and output format from the Layout page of the process.

The XML Publisher development team improved this functionality, which allows the layout template creator to specify a default output format at template level by applying the following patches to your instance.

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i:

FNDRSRUN.fmb 115.185 or higher - patch 7627832 or patch 6241631
xdotables.ldt 115.12 or higher - patch 5612820 or patch 6241631

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.0.x:

FNDRSRUN.fmb 120.29.12000000.20 or higher - patch 7017250:R12.FND.A
xdotables.ldt 120.4.12000000.2 - patch 5612820:R12.XDO.A

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1:

FNDRSRUN.fmb 120.44.12010000.2 or higher - patch 9228359:R12.FND.B
xdotables.ldt 120.4.12010000.3 or higher - patch

The patches corrects the Template output type issue that allows a default output type to be set in the template definition which overrides the original format type of the template. Additionally, a profile option, FND: Default Template Output Type, can be set to override the original format type, only if the default type is not set in the template definition.


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