Thursday, 17 June 2010

How to bounce Apache, clear HTML cache and have updated Java code class active in R12

In this post, sharing the difficulties of boucing Apache, clearing HTML comparing with 11i.

To clear HTML cache and bounce Apache at R12 level, firstly goto the scripts directory of R12
cd $INST_TOP/admin/scripts

To clear HTML cache :

The _pages directory under $COMMON_TOP should not be cleared for E-Biz R12, which we used to do in 11i applications. For clearing middle tier cache in R12,
Navigate to Functional Administrator responsibility > Core Services >  
Caching Framework > Global Configuration > Clear cache

Instead of clearing the _pages in R12 creates blank login page issue, as in R12 the jsp files does not get compiled automatically.

cd $INST_TOP/admin/scripts start start

At R12 level bouncing apache command  is different of the one to bounce oacore oc4j engine andothers.
An example of situation is : how  to make a modification to a JSPand have that modification recognized by the OC4J - JSP engine.

In 11i the apache start and stop command, also bounce the JVM running on JSERV and clear caches by doings as below :
To clear the jsp & modplsql caches run this command
rm -Rf $OA_HTML/_pages/*
rm -Rf $COMMON_TOP/_pages/*
rm -Rf $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cache/*

But in R12 the command to stop and start apache only takes action on Apache web server  and not on the OC4J container that executes the JVM.
To bounce the OC4J container there is an specific script:


Therefore when making  a modification to a JAVA class in R12 for the web application,  in order to have  that change recognized,  it is needed to bounce
OC4J using script.

Bouncing oacore OC4J engine may also be needed  if you make modifications to system properties.
Example for JTT based applications:  jtt system properties.

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Fabrício Reis said...

Hello friend!

Very good your blog! Really helpful..

At the moment I've got a problem that you may help...

I´d like to know if is possible to force the cleaning cache?

That's because we've got a situation where the user change a configuration value, but it doesn't work properly until the cache is cleared.

We're running the R12 version.

Thank you very much