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What happening when executing in DB Tier as well as Apps Tier? - This script will performs the clone configuration in the target machine.

During this configuration phase will reconfigure the copied instance after gathering the required information.
The first step performed is the OS utility check (
This ensures make, cc, ld and ar executables are available in the PATH.

This will create the Target Context file from the values entered on the screen.

All the questions, values entered, results of the port availability check etc will be logged in a log file located in same location as the script:-
dbTier : $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/bin
appsTier(s) : $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin

Log files for this phase:-
dbTier: $TMP/CloneContext_xxxxxx.log

appsTier(s): $TMP/CloneContext_xxxxxx.log

Both Tiers: $TMP/adclonectx.err
Executing will generate logs as follows:-

     dbTier: $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/clone/bin/CloneContext_xxxxxx.log
     appsTier(s): $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin/CloneContext_xxxxxx.log
     Both Tiers: $TMP/adclonectx.err

If any of the variables in the Target system Context file appear to be incorrect, then check this log file to see how the incorrect value arose.


Once the XML is created, or passed as a parameter on the command line, then the configuration phase begins.

This part will instantiate all the templates created during the preparation phase under:

Templates to instantiate are located in driver file

Log files for this phase:-
dbTier: $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/[Target Context Name]/ApplyDBTier_xxxxxx.log
appsTier(s): $APPL_TOP/admin/[Target Context Name]/log/ApplyAppsTier_xxxxxx.log

Relink the ORACLE_HOME(s)
The executables in the ORACLE_HOME(s) will be relinked during the configuration phase.
The commands used, and results of the relinking will displayed in log file :

Create the Control files (DB Tier only)
Once the templates are instantiated, and the ORACLE_HOME is relinked, then the control files can be recreated.

The templates used here are located in
The files in this zip file are used to create a SQL file called

This above SQL script is called from a shell script

Both of the above scripts can be found under

If there are any problems creating the control files, then check the log files :

The next phase will run AutoConfig using use the usual templates and drivers associated with AutoConfig on db or appsTier.

The following log files will contain the information on the results of running AutoConfig

Update the oraInventory (OracleHomeCloner.class)
Once the Target instance is configured, it will update the Global Inventory will the locations of the new ORACLE_HOMES

Any problems with this step will be detailed in the log files:-
[path to oraInventory]/logs/OracleHomeCloner_MMDDHHMM.log
[path to oraInventory]/logs/apps[Year]-[Mon]-[Day]-[Hour]-[Min]-[Sec]-[AM/PM].log

What happening when executing in DB and Apps Tiers
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