Friday, 30 April 2010

How to find-out Web ADI version

To find-out the version of 'Web ADI' , there are two methods

Method : 1

+. Login to Oracle E-business Suite and using 'Web ADI' , create a Document.
+. When Excel is launched with the created Document, a Menu is created on the Toolbar in Excel called Oracle (in between Data and Window).
+. From the Oracle menu select "About". A pop up window is displayed with the version of 'Web ADI' (something like 8.x.x.x)

Method : 2

+. Login into E-business Suite as System Administrator
+. Once the Home Page is up, paste the URL below into the same Browser window (replace hostname,domain and portnumber as applicable)

BNE ADMIN Servlet for 11i

BNE ADMIN Servlet for Release 12

An html/xml document will be returned, 'Web ADI' versions will be included in this document, look for the attribute named "Bne Release Label".

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