Thursday, 29 April 2010

Comparison Apps 11i and Release12

Well, my post on today is about the comparison between TOPs in apps 11i and release12. Let's have a close look at the technology stack using both release 11i and 12.

Oracle e-suite release 12 technology stack 

Oracle e-suite release 11i technology stack 

Database Version using in 11i (11.5.9 & 11.5.10) was 9i Release 2 where as in Release 12 its 10g R2 ( and for Release12.1.2 it is using database

Application Tier:
Tech Stack in Application Tier consist of iAS( & Developer 6i (Forms & Reports 8.0.6) but in Applications R12 it is build on Fusion Middleware (10g Web Server and 10g Forms & Reports)

Sub component in Application Tier

  1. HTTP Server or Web Server in R12 is Version 10.1.3 which is built on Apache version 1.3.34. In apps 11i it is Version built on Apache Version 1.3.19
  2. Jserv in apps 11i is replaced by OC4J (mod_jserv is replaced by mod_oc4j)
  3. Forms Version 6i in Apps 11i is replaced by Forms in R12
  4. Reports Version 6i in Apps 11i is replaced by Reports in R12
  5. JDBC version is changed from version 9 in apps 11i to version 10.2.0 in Apps R12
  6. modplsql or mod_pls is removed from Apps R12 
  7. Java processes use JDK/JRE version 1.5.0 in R12 against JDK version 1.3.1 or 1.4.2 in Apps 11i
  8. For various environment variable changes check below picture and one new top was added in Release 12 for configuration and log files is called INSTANCE_TOP.

    For comparison purpose i am putting major TOPs of 11i and R12 

    This is the latest release 12 tops
    This is Oracle Apps 11i TOPs

    Please leave your comments.....

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