Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Running AD Merge Patch - ADMRGPCH

ADMRGPCH is a utility to merge two or more patches into a single merged patch.

This executable is located in AD_TOP/bin

To run AD Merge Patch with the following arguments

$ Admrgpch [source directory] [destination directory]

Source directory - Where patches to merge have been unloaded.

Destination directory – Where the unified patch will be created.

It reads the all drivers and Readme files and merge into a single driver file

Actions in the merge patch are grouped by product then by patch number.

AD merge patch creates the merged patch drivcer files and copies the actual files needed by the merged patches into the destination directory.

Log file located in the current directory where we run the admgrpch. The default log file name is admrgpch.log.

To specify the name of the merged patch drivers, run AD merge patch with
$ admrgpch -s [source directory] -d [destination directory] -merge_name [name]
$admrgpch -s /u01/patches/source -d /u01/patches/destination -merge_name NLS20.
The merged patch drivers will be named cNLS20.drv, dNLS20.drv, and gNLS20.drv

We can merge only same releases, same platforms or same parallel modes and if they are not incompatable patches.


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