Monday, 26 July 2010

EBS Release 12.1 RUP3 for AD/ATG/HRMS Released on My Oracle Suppport

Oracle announced the availability of 12.1 RUP3 for the following products along with corresponding iHelp patches on My Oracle Support:

R12.AD.B.Delta.3 (Patch 9239089)
R12.ATG_PF.B.Delta.3 (Patch 8919491)
R12.TXK.B.Delta.3 (Patch 8919489)
R12.HR_PF.B.Delta.3 (Patch 9114911)
Oracle iSetup (AZ) Metadata Patch for 12.1.3 Release Update Pack (Patch 8919537)

iHelp patch and Install document details
Following are the details on the iHelp patches and My Oracle Support document number for these patch sets:

AD iHelp Patch 9399683 - Document 1077769.1
ATG iHelp Patch 9400185 - Document 1066312.1
HRMS iHelp Patch 9401789 - Document 1081427.1


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