Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New Apps 11i AutoConfig + Templates Rollup Patch U Now Available

Today two important announcements from Mr.Steven Chan about

New Apps 11i AutoConfig + Templates Rollup Patch U Now Available

This new Autoconfig+Template Rollup includes the following features and enhancements:
1. Applications password validation while using adcmctl and in other various
2. Mini AutoConfig: it is possible now to run AutoConfig using a customized driver.
3. AutoConfig performance improvements.
4. adchkcfg enhancements to remove false diffs/false positives
5. Database 11gR2 support.
6. Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) related changes for security and refining of aliases, log names changed as per standards
7. Addition of ANTISAMY run-time rehosted JAR files.
8. OHS performance improvements by removing loading of unwanted modules.
9.For DB tier on Solaris 64-bit platform, use of 64-bit JVM during CVM phase of AutoConfig.
10. Support for DB listener name customization.
11. Support of Forms and Reports in the Icelandic language.
12. Addition of LOCAL_LISTENER parameter to init.ora template.
13. Introduction of FORMS60_RECORD_GROUP_MAX to restrict the number of records fetched by a List of Values (LOV).
14. New context variables: s_httpd_pls_pid_file, s_icx_language, s_forms60_record_group_max, s_db_listener.

Warning for E-Business Suite Issues with Sun JRE 1.6.0_21.

According Mr.Steven Chang, at this stage, better to remain on JRE 1.6.0_17; and wait for JRE 1.6.0_22

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