Tuesday, 20 July 2010

How to remove an OA Framework Personalization

Using this method, you can remove personalization from an OAF page.

1) Login to Oracle Applications as SYSADMIN

2) Select Functional Administrator Responsibility -> Personalization

3) Fill in the criteria to locate the OA Framework page and press Go
    Tip: Check 'Personalized' checkbox to only query the pages having a personalization

4) Identify the correct page from the results returned

5) Depending on the situation you have following options:
Cause of failure is known (e.g. last change made) and can be removed

Click pencil "Personalize Page" and confirm personalization levels.
Revert the personalization step causing the problem
Apply the changes
Retest if the page is now accessible again.

Cause of the failure is unknown  or can not be simply removed

Click pencil "Manage Personalizations"
Now Deactivate or Delete the personalization document.

The difference between Deactivate and Delete is that in the case of Deactivating the personalization document in the MDS repository is not removed, while this is the case for Delete. Especially when there are multiple personalization documents, but it's not clear which causes the problem the 'Deactivate' allows these to be tested individually without the need to reload or recreate the personalization documents.

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