Friday, 23 July 2010 (Patch:6241631) fails on icxwtab.odf

When attempting to apply (Patch:6241631) a worker fails on icxwtab.odf.

The adpatch worker log file shows

AD Worker error:
The index cannot be created as the table has duplicate keys.

Use the following SQL statement to identify the duplicate keys:

HAVING count(*)>1

AD Worker error:
Unable to compare or correct tables or indexes or keys
because of the error above

The solution is to run the "Purge Inactive Sessions" concurrent program. However it is not possible to start the concurrent managers as you are in the middle of a failed patch.

As an immediate solution, run $ICX_TOP/sql/ICXDLTMP.sql scipt as the APPS user.
However this scripts with the error

When followed the steps, getting the following ERROR

FND_SIGNON.audit_user_end(session_rec.login_id, session_rec.last_connect + nvl(session_rec.limit_time,4)/24);
ERROR at line 18:
ORA-06550: line 18, column 16:
PLS-00302: component 'AUDIT_USER_END' must be declared
ORA-06550: line 18, column 5:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored

The reason for this error is that,  $ICX_TOP/sql/ICXDLTMP.sql script has been updated to levels during the copy driver of patch:6241631. However the D driver has not updated the underlying tables yet.

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

1. Run the backup copy of ICXDLTMP.sql as the APPS user from the patch backup directory
sqlplus apps/apps_pwd @/$PATCH_TOP/6241631/backup/[SID]/[HostName]/icx/sql/ICXDLTMP.sql
2. Restart the failed worker

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