Tuesday, 15 June 2010

How to relink a single executable (binary file) using ADADMIN utility ?

In this post, I would like to write something useful for patching and fine-tuning. When times, we have to relink a particular binary file (executable) in connection with patching or else corrupted file etc. I am providing the step-by-step procedure of relinking a particular executable.

Login as owner of Application Tier and source the environment file before starting
You have to enter the answers to the prompt of adadmin as usual

At the AD Administration Main Menu select the option: Maintain Applications Files menu

1. At the Maintain Applications Files menu select the option: Relink Applications programs

2. At the prompt "Do you wish to proceed with the relink [Yes] ?" Hit return for the default option.

2. At the prompt "Enter the name of your Oracle Applications environment file below.
File name [*.env] : " Hit return for the default option or correct the file if necessary.

3. At the prompt "Enter list of products to link ('all' for all products) [all] :" enter the product's short name associated with the target executable, such as "fnd".

4. At the prompt "Generate specific executables for each selected product [No] ?" enter Yes

5. At the prompt "Relink with debug information [No] ?" Hit return for the default option.

6. At the prompt "Enter executables to relink, or enter 'all' [all] :" the exact name of the executable to be relinked.

Another short-cut is that
7. Go to cd $FND_TOP/bin
$ adrelink.sh force=y "fnd FNDLIBR"
$ adrelink.sh force=y "fnd FNDSM"
$ adrelink.sh force=y "fnd FNDFS"
$ adrelink.sh force=y "fnd FNDCRM"

Check the logfile for errors and warning


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