Tuesday, 18 May 2010

How to solve One-to-One Fulfillment Server Processes Remain in Memory after being Shutdown

In Linux, a One-to-One Fulfillment server (Ver: 11.5.10 to process may be seen remain in memory after the fulfillment server has been shutdown.

In order to stop Fulfillment, the server needs to make sure it is done processing any jobs in progress, release its DB connections, stop and release its threads, and perform any other cleanup. Therefore shutdown is not instantaneous. The script jtffmctl.sh returns after it issues the shutdown command to Fulfillment, but its return does not indicate that the process has stopped.

Solution to the above the workaround, please execute the following steps:

Edit the adstpal.sh script to call the One-to-One Fulfillment server script to stop the second time
Just shutdown One-to-One Fulfillment server as a separate step after the adstpal.sh script is run by running the following command
$jtffmctl.sh stop

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