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11i Cloning (Multi Node to Single Node)

Merging from Multinode to Single node environments

In this post, what am explaining is that merging from multi-node to single node. Before cloning, prepare the Source System by applying patches and running AutoConfig. For a better understanding the concepts of cloning in Oracle application e-business suite 11i  first need to refer metalink note 230672.1 then apply all the pre-requisites patches and also refer metalink note: 233428.1 Section 4 for further steps.

You can use Rapid Clone to clone a Multi-Node System to a Single-Node System (or a Multi-Node System with fewer Nodes) by merging the APPL_TOPs file system together. For that follow this procedure carefully...

Source: DEVELOPMENT, this is a multi-node environment  with two servers
NODE A (Forms and Web server TIER (Primary node))
NODE B (Concurrent  + Database + Admin TIER)

Directory structure of application tier

Directory structure of database tier looks like

Merging from mult-node to single node, always start merging from Form/WEB Tier node and then go to remaining Admin/Concurrent tier nodes

Target: TEST - Single node
Merge NODE  - Concurrent  + Database + Admin + Forms and Web server TIER
Here in this example, I am using the same directory structure mentioned above for merged tier too...

So the servers details of this example are
NODE A : (Forms and Web server TIER) PRIMARY NODE Source
NODE B : (Concurrent  + Database + Admin TIER) Source
Merge-NODE : Concurrent  + Database + Admin + Forms and Web server TIER

I. Prepare the Source System

Execute the following commands to prepare the Source System for cloning.
a. Prepare the Source System Database Tier for cloning

Log on to the Source System ( - NODE B) as the ORACLE user and run the following commands:

$cd [RDBMS ORACLE_HOME]/appsutil/scripts/[CONTEXT_NAME]
perl dbTier

b. Prepare the Source System Application Tier for cloning
Log on to the Source System ( - NODE A) as the APPLMGR user and run the following commands on each Node that contains an APPL_TOP:

$cd [COMMON_TOP]/admin/scripts/[CONTEXT_NAME]
$perl appsTier merge

It will create clone directort in common_top/clone/[context_name]

Do the preclone procedure for other node also
Login as APPLMGR user in ( NODE B

$cd [COMMON_TOP]/admin/scripts/[CONTEXT_NAME]
$perl appltop merge

It will create APPL_TOPs direcory in common_top/clone/appl/[context_name]

Next, copy following from Node A (Primary Forms/Web Tier) to Merge-NODE (Target Node) using linux tar command

$cd /apps
$tar -cvf devtappl.tar devtappl  
$tar cvf devtcomn.tar devtcomn  
$tar -cvf devtora.tar devtora

Copy the Tar files to Target location (as an APPLMGR user)

$cd /apps 
$scp -rC devtappl.tar applmgr@ 
$scp -rC devtcomn.tar applmgr@
$scp -rC devtora.tar applmgr@

And then extract these tar files using following command

$tar -xvf devtappl.tar 
$tar -xvf devtcomn.tar 
$tar -xvf devtora.tar

Copy the required files from NODE B ( to Merge-NODE (TARGET
$COMMON_TOP/clone/appl/[context_name] (NODE B)
$COMMON_TOP/clone/appl  (Merge-NODE)

Login as APPLMGR user in (NODE B)

$cd /apps/devcomn/clone/appl
$scp -rC appl applscm@

From NODE B (Source)  to Merge-NODE (TARGET)
Copy the database tier file system
Copy the database (DBF) files from the source to the target system
Copy the source database ORACLE_HOME(9.2.0) to the target system

II. Prepare the Target System

a. Configure the database tier server node first
Login as ORACLE user in Merge-NODE ( and use the following method if database was backup-ed using COLD BACKUP methology

$cd /appsutil/clone/bin 
$perl dbTier

Use this method if database was backup-ed using HOT BACKUP methology

$cd /appsutil/clone/bin 
$perl dbTechStack

Create the target database control files manually
Start the target system database in open mode

Run the library update script against the database

$cd /appsutil/install/ 
$sqlplus "/ as sysdba" @adupdlib.sql 

where is "sl" for HP-UX, "so" for any other UNIX/LINUX platform
Configure the target database (the database must be open)

$cd /appsutil/clone/bin 
$perl dbconfig

Database and DB Listener should be up and running

b. Configure the application tier server nodes

Login as appl user (Merge-NODE)

$ cd /clone/bin
$ perl appsTier

c. Finishing tasks

Log in to the target system application tier node as the APPLMGR user.
Run the following tasks in adadmin for all products:

  1. Generate JAR files 
  2. Generate message files 
  3. Relink executables 
  4. Copy files to destination 

Depending on which tier you chose as the primary node, certain files may be missing. Run adadmin to verify files required at runtime. If any files are listed as missing files, you must manually copy them to the merged APPL_TOP from other nodes' APPL_TOP.

Remove the temporary directory /clone/appl to reduce disk space usage

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