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TOP's in Apps 11i

If you want to learn apps dba, one should know there are different tops like APPL_TOP , COMMON_TOP or what eaxctly is TOP ? So TOP is top level directory in file system or oracle 11i software .

If you have done 11i or oracle application Installation by now, Oracle Installer Installs Apps 11i in DB Tier & Application Tier : so lets take Application Tier you will see three directories under your base Installation directory, these diretories are APPL, ORA & COMN. So directory APPL is called as APPL_TOP i.e. top appl directory where files; directories related to different Application ( like GL General Ledger, PO Purchase Order..) exists.

APPL_TOP Files and Directories
The Oracle Applications file system, under APPL_TOP, contains several different types of
files and directories, which can be categorized as follows:
Oracle Applications environment files. The default name of the main Applications
environment file is .env, where the default value of
is _. For convenience, there is also a
consolidated environment file called APPS.env. Environment files
are discussed in more detail in another module of this course.
A directory for each product, licensed or not, that has been installed under the
APPL_TOP directory.
Additional directories for administration and maintenance of all products. Examples
include the admin and au directories.

If you are DBA you can correlate it with your Oracle database software installation. Under ( ORA_TOP ) you will see diretcory related to oracle home , there are two oracle HOME's in Application Tier 8.0.6 for Forms & Reports , iAS for 9iAS acting as web server.

Common Components Directory - COMMON_TOP
The COMN or COMMON_TOP directory contains files used by many different
Oracle Applications products, and which may also be used with third-party products.
The COMMON_TOP/admin directory is the default location for the concurrent manager log
and output directories. When the concurrent managers run Oracle Applications reports, they
write the log files and temporary files to the log subdirectory of the admin directory
(COMMON_TOP/admin/log) and the output files to the out subdirectory of the admin
directory (COMMON_TOP/admin/out).
By default, the top-level directories for both Java (JAVA_TOP) and HTML (OAH_TOP) are
both under COMMON_TOP.

IAS_TOP is top files/directory under ORA_TOP/iAS I hope it might be clear to you now if not donot worry it will be more clear once you start working as Apps DBA.

Oracle Applications File System - Database Tier
Two other top-level directories store files related to the Oracle Applications database:
DB - Contains the database ORACLE_HOME.
DATA - Contains the Oracle Applications database files.

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