Tuesday, 27 April 2010

AD Utilities

The most important utilities in oracle applications are nothing but AD Utilities. So let’s look into the details in little more seriously.
The AD utilities are a set of tools used to install, upgrade, patch and maintain the Oracle Applications database and file system.
AD utilities.
Many of the utilities used for Oracle Applications maintenance are called AD utilities. AD is an abbreviation for Applications DBA. The AD utilities have similar interfaces, operation, input and report format. Much of the discussion about how these utilities work is common to all the AD utilities.
In addition to the AD utilities, some maintenance tasks are run from the Oracle Applications Manager (OAM).
The AD utilities perform a variety of tasks, including generating files, updating your system, merging and applying patches, and installing off-cycle products. There are three primary AD utilities: AD Administration, AutoPatch, and AutoUpgrade. Several other maintenance utilities were developed for specific Oracle Applications maintenance tasks. As one AD utility runs, it may automatically call one of the other utilities. However, you can also run most utilities directly. The following is a list of AD utilities and their program names.
AD Administration: adadmin
AutoPatch: adpatch
AutoUpgrade: adaimgr
AD Controller: adctrl
Running the AD Utilities
To run an AD utility, type the utility’s start command (such as adpatch, adadmin or adaimgr) and answer the prompts.
You can exit most utilities by entering abort at any prompt. You can restart by typing the start command for that utility. When you restart, you can enter a new log file name or specify the log file from the previous session. When you reuse a log file, the utility adds the message “Start of session” to the end of the file and appends messages from the continued session as it generates them.
You can then do one of the following:
• Continue session (the default)
The utility restarts at the point where your last session stopped.
• Start new session
The utility asks you to confirm your choice if you choose not to continue the previous session. It then starts from the beginning.

More on AD Administration later....


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