Sunday, 5 December 2010

Startup/Shutdown process of OBIEE 11g on Linux

As I have promised earlier post, I am writing the startup steps of OBIEE 11g on linux box. Before that make sure that FMW(Fusion Middle Ware) Repository database and the listener are up and running. If database status is running, we can start. Or else start the database and  listener now.

First step is to start the Weblogic server. As you may have noticed that the directory structures are totally different, so it will take sometime to get used with the new scripts and directories.

Startup scripts are located under $FMW_HOME/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/bin

Setting the environment by running these two script
$ .
$ .

Now you can startup the WLS:

Use the script as shown below to start the WLS

. -Dweblogic.managment.username=weblogic &

weblogic and weblogic1 are the username and password I have given during the OBIEE 11g installation. Make sure you use “&” at the end of the command so that the script runs in the background

2. Once WLS running status, you can Login to WLS Console:

Default port to login to the console is 7001 unless different ones are specified during the installation

Now goto http://[BIserver]:7001/em to access the enterprise manager to startup the rest of the services

Select from the menu Weblogic Server –> Control –> Startup to start the service

3. NodeManager – Node manager is a java utility that allows us to perform operations such as startup and shutdown for  Managed Server. So in order for us to remotely startup the bi_server we need the node manager utility up and running

Now to startup node manager, get back to a telnet session and go to $WLS_HOME/server/bin directory

Set environment

Run the script

$ .

Starting Nodemanager

$ . &

Next is startup opmn services

cd $FMW_HOME/instances/instance1/bin
$ . opmnctl startall

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RdogZ said...

I hope you are still responding to this. When I enter the start weblogic command, it is still prompting me to enter the username despite entering the command you provided above. Since it is running as a background process it will kill it whenevr I attempt to enter the username. Can you provide some help on why it is still prompting for username?