Thursday, 2 September 2010

Deploying a new forms EAR file in R12

Sometimes forms patch may contain changes to the Forms listener servlet code. If so, the patch will contain a new formsapp.ear file to update the J2EE Forms module. To complete the patching process, this new formsapp.ear file must be deployed within the Forms OC4J container used with Oracle Applications.

To do the process, basic steps are
Set Applications environment and stop instance processes

From the Applications instance $APPL_TOP, set the environment by running the APPS[CONTEXT_NAME].env script, then stop all application tier processes for the instance by running the script $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/

Run deployment script is a perl script that installs the .ear file in the proper location and configures the Forms J2EE group correctly.

Note: For successful completion of the script, ensure that no Java processes for the instance are still running.

The script is executed by running the script, as shown in the example below.

$FND_TOP/bin/ -script=CfgOC4JApp
Enter Application name for re-deployment ? forms
Enter Oc4j Instance password for re-deployment ? (current password)
Run Autoconfig [Yes/No] ? No

post-deployment tasks

Run AutoConfig on the instance by running the command:

Start the appropriate services on the instance by running the command:
$ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/ [apps user/apps password]


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Anonymous said...

Hello sir , im new to oracle ebs , what exact function of formsapp.ear,and what is mean by all form modules packaged into ear