Friday, 2 July 2010

Audit - responsibilities and Data in Oracle Applications

There two levels of auditing in Oracle applications,

1. System usage
2. Data itself, its called auditTrail.

We can enable system usage auditing from
system administrator responsibility ->system profile -> Sign-On:Audit Level. Sign-On:Audit Level

Set this option can be site, responsibility, user level and can be done at the form, responsibility and the user level.

Depends on exiting scenario of the organization, set this value.

If decide to audit a responsibility, then need to decide at what level: form, responsibility or user.

If audit the responsibility at the form level, then will get the most details about who used the responsibility, what forms they accessed using this
responsibility, when they accessed the responsibility and when they left the responsibility.

If auditing the responsibility is done at the responsibility level, will not get the forms that the responsibility accessed but you will get everything else.

If audit the responsibility at the user level, will get the user that accessed the responsibility, when they started and when they stopped. But this is very limited data.

The second level of auditing is for the data itself. This auditing is called AuditTrail and is more involved in setup. Here need to identify the data want to audit and then translate that to the specific table and column for later tracking. Based on these data, can create Audit groups for auditing of these columns and tables.

Some of the useful reports for the Sign-On:Audit Level found fat System Administrator responsibility:

1. Signon Audit Concurrent Requests
2. Signon Audit Forms
3. Signon Audit Responsibilities
4. Signon Audit Unsuccessful Logins
5. Signon Audit Users

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Vikas ( said...

How much load will it generate on the system when you enable this profile option ?

Ajikumar G said...

Vikas, if audit the responsibility at the form level will not make any difference to the system load is concerned. At the same time, will get most details like who used, what forms, when they accessed, from where etc.