Saturday, 19 June 2010

Unable to Run Any Concurrent Request

There three ways to occur dead processes in oracle applications:
1. A request failed before completion.
2. User canceled the request from Applications.
3. User killed the session from the Operating System Level.

To fix the issue, need to update the FND_CONCURRENT_REQUEST to reflect dead process.

1.Shut down the Concurrent Managers
2.Search for the oldest request that failed. Note the request_id.
3.Login to SQLPLUS as Apps/password
  set control_code='X', phase_code='C'
  where request_id ='xxxxxxx';
5.Restart the Concurrent Managers

What are the meaning of the codes in the status_code and phase_code columns of the FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table


A - Waiting
B - Resuming
C - Normal
D - Cancelled
E - Error
F - Scheduled
G - Warning
H - On Hold
I - Normal
M - No Manager
Q - Standby
R - Normal
S - Suspended
T - Terminating
U - Disabled
W - Paused
X - Terminated
Z - Waiting


C - Completed
I - Inactive
P - Pending
R - Running

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