Sunday, 6 June 2010

Unable to connect to Oracle Applications Database 'afscpgcs' after cloning an APPS instance and changing APPS passwords

After successfully cloning an Apps instance and changing Apps passwords, getting error below in the cloned instance when trying to connect using Discoverer.

"Error: A connection error has occurred.
- OracleBi Discoverer was unable to authenticate using the password provided. This can happen due
to an invalid password or because the password was lost while using back, forward, or refresh in your browser. Please enter the password again to continue.
- Failed to connect to database - Unable to connect to Oracle Applications database (afscpgcs)".

Solution to this issue is that
1. Set the Site-Level value for Profile option "Signon Password Case" temporarily to "insensitive".
2. Stop Applications tier services and concurrent tier services.
3. Use FNDCPASS to change APPS/APPLSYS password.
4. Run autoconfig on Apps tiers so that new apps password is propagated correctly.
5. Restart Applications tier and concurrent tier services.
6. Reset "Signon Password Case" back to "Sensitive" again.

Also please see the NOTE:399449.1 - After Changing the Applications or SSO User Password, Login to Discoverer Fails with Invalid Username/Password Error

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Amit Thakur said...

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