Tuesday, 1 June 2010

How to start the Output Post Processing (OPP) in 11i

At least one OPP process active in the system. The concurrent processing uses the Output Post Processor (OPP) to enforce post-processing actions for concurrent requests. For example, post-processing action is that used in publishing concurrent requests with XML Publisher.

Actually when you have submit a request with XML Publisher template specified as a layout for the concurrent request output. Once finishes the concurrent manager concurrent program, it will contact the OPP to apply the XML Publisher template and create the final output

To activate the OPP follow these setps

The Profile Option "Concurrent: GSM Enabled" must be set to Y

1. Login to Apps with sysadmin responsibility
2. Navigate to: Concurrent -> Managers -> Define
3. Query for
Manager = 'Output Post Processor%'
or Short Name = FNDCPOPP
4. Check the checkbox "Enable" .
5. Click on 'Work Shifts button
6. see Work Shift of the OPP and
Set Processes = 1
and Parameters = oracle.apps.fnd.cp.opp.OPPServiceThread:2:0:max_threads=5
and Sleep Second = 30
7. Save

8. Navigate to: Concurrent -> Managers -> Administer
9. Make sure the Output Post Processor Status is not in 'Deactivate'
Set Status to 'Activate' if necessary.

10. Stop and Start the Concurrent Managers using

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