Thursday, 24 June 2010

How to configure printers ins EBS 11i/R12

Oracle E-Business Suite offers two printing solutions to handle all your printing requirements. For most printing needs, the Pasta Utility offers quick setup and easy maintenance. For additional flexibility, Oracle E-Business Suite allows you to define your own printer drivers and print styles.

We can summarize these configuration as
1. Setup the printer at the OS level
2. Add a valid entry in the hosts file (Printer Name and the IP Address)
3. Login to System Administrator responsibility
4. Navigate to Install > Printer > Register
5. Define a new printer by entering the Printer Name you have set in the hosts file
6. Save
7. Bounce the Concurrent Manager
8. Submit any standard concurrent request


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Wendy Fox said...

Hi Ajikumar,

I linked to your blog from our blog.

Thanks for your post.

Wendy Fox

Anonymous said...

Hi Ajit ,

Is it mandatory to bounce the conc managers after adding a printer ?


Ajikumar G said...

Hi Sameer
Yes, its mandatory