Thursday, 27 May 2010

Unable To Create New Document In Web Adi. "Verifying.." screen hangs

When creating document through Excel 2003 for General Ledger Journals, there is an issue with Web ADI.

ADI version: to - Release: 11.5 to 11.5
Create Document
Viewer: excel 2003
Reporting: no
Integrator: General Ledger - Journals
Layout Functional Actuals - Single
Content: none

File Download screen comes up, click open.
Security Warning screen comes up, click Enable Macros

Screen that says:
Verifying ...t.template.BneTemplateService from rgts...
The lines that indicate the application is working keep scrolling accross the screen and this does not end.There are open, open folder and cancel buttons but they are not available.

Solution to the above issue,
Confirm that the Applications Host is running in the Local Intranet or Trusted security domains (shown in the second last cell of the IE status bar when walking through the Create Document page flow). If they are not, please correct via correct configuration of the PC/Browser network settings. Then retest.

Check the security setting for the zone the host is in(Tools > Internet Options > Security) for the setting of the Scripting property "Allow status bar updates via script". If its Disabled, please Enable.

Restart Internet Explorer. Retest the issue.

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for your post. We've resolved that issue in R12 following these steps.

RenĂª Mendes

Anonymous said...

Thanks.. Very helpful..


Pitou Khmer said...

Thanks Ajikumar G,

Solved my problem :) Helpful