Friday, 14 May 2010

JSP Pages Hanging in R12 After Removing Cached Class Files in _pages

In Release 12 after removing the compiled class files from the JSP pages in the directory $COMMON_TOP/_pages
calling JSP pages results in hanging 'blank' screen.

In Release 11i when performing the same steps new class files are created automatically when the JSP page is called from a browser session and JSP was rendered fine.

In Release 12 it's observed that when calling the JSP no class file is created in the directory $COMMON_TOP/_pages

The root-cause of the hang is the fact that the JSP is not 'translated' into the associated class file in the _pages directory. This is a mandatory step for processing the JSP page.

Solution to this is, use the perl script to perform a manual pre-compilation of the JSP pages. The following command will compile all the JSP pages and build up the JSP cache again.

Linux: # $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/perl --compile --flush -p 2

Windows: C:> \patch\115\bin\perl -x --compile --flush

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