Sunday, 9 May 2010

How to Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data for Applications

Metalink Note 264191.1 describes how to Purging Oracle Workflow tables of obsolete workflow runtime information for completed workflow processes is a required regular maintenance task. The recommended way to perform this task is to run the Concurrent Request "Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data". The steps to do this are described below.

From the System administrator responsibility or else from OAM->Applications Dashborad->Purge, submit the Concurrent Request "Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data" with the following settings:

1. Item Type: The item type associates with the obsolete runtime data you want to delete. Leave this parameter null to delete obsolete data for all item types.

2. Item Key: This is a string generated from the application object's primary key. The string uniquely identifies the item within an item type. Leave this parameter null to purge all items for the specified item type.

3. Age: This is the minimum age of data to purge specified in days if Persistence Type is set to 'Temporary'.
 The default is set to 0 (zero).

4. Persistence Type: Persistence type to be purged, either 'Temporary' or 'Permanent'.
 Temporary: the Item will be deleted in 'n' days.
 Permanent: the Item will be deleted only when forced.
 The default is 'Temporary'.


a. Workflow Purge will only remove the data if:
  1. The item type definition has been defined as temporary or its persistence days have expired.
  2. The activities are complete or the notification is closed and have reached their given end date.
b. All should have an end date.

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