Sunday, 25 April 2010

Installation - 11i Apps

Lets Start with Installation, You can start Installing Apps on Unix, Linux or Windows. I recommend Linux if not then Unix & finally Windows (I find it difficult working on windows as you need additional component to install E-Business Suite ) . For Installation Guide visit Oracle PDF at This E-Business Suite Installation Guide consist of 166 pages & you need to Install all. Read Chapter 1-8 Single User Installation or Two User Installation. As by now you are aware that E-Business Applications Two Tier Database & Application , so first User Oxxxxx is for Database Tier & Second User Axxxxxx for Application Tier. If you are new & Installing it first time better Install everything on Single Machine, Database Under User Oxxxxx and Middle Tier under Axxxxxx.
Then you can Install Oracle Applications by Inserting CD's one after other or by dumping all disks to one location ( Universal Installer will not prompt to insert CD if you staged/dump your CD on Machine it in proper way, Pg 1-12 , page 24 of Guide), If you are Installing Oracle Apps first time, Select Single Node(Also called Single Machine) Installation. Go to Chapter 2, on page 29 of Guide , you will see screen by Screen navigation path for Installation ( Believe me its very simple and just 30 pages all screens so nothing much to read ). After installation forget Chapter 3,4,5 (these are for Advanced Installation Option - Look them once you are comfortable with Simple Instalation) go directly to chapter 6 , Page 141 (This describes how to Check/Access Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Installation) Just 10 pages. So here complete your Oracle 11i Application & that biggest challenge in becoming Oracle Apps DBA . If you face any Issues during Installation post your problem in some Forum or Metalink , else drop a comment on this Post.

How to do Multi Node Installation on Apps 11i ?
If you are comfortable & now want to know how to do multinode Installation for Oracle Applications 11i then follow Chapter 3 (p65- p106) of guide Oracle applications Installation Guide Using Rapid Install Release 11i at

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